Alala Daggerwhisper is a Elf Assasain who murdered Tal's Parents and all those close to him. she describes Tal as 'an annoying little runt.' But this only Aggrivates him and blasts her with lightning or so he thinks.


She is a skilled assasain and kills anyone standing in her way with her Acid-Covered Obsidian daggers she is armed with bombs,Axes,Smoke Bombs,Poisonous Daggers and Shortswords she rarely uses them though.She is wanted throughout the world of Sontail and there is 5000 gold pieces in reward for her head.She took disguise as an Elf Priestess little did the others know about her bomb hoard in the basment on planning of destroying The Elf City but the other priests/priestesses got subspicous and alerted the guards which caught her she revealed her true self and dissapeared yelling "YOU'VE STILL GOT TO PUT OUT THE BOMB!!" and Cranian got to the job and put her plan to a stop.


When she was merely eight years old Alala saw the gruesome murder of her parents and that twisted her and made her think death was the only way of Sontail and she took up the Proffesion of Assasaination,she grabbed two iron daggers and some armour and killed the ones who killed her parents and set out across the land and her first proper assasaination was when Alala was sixteen when she destroyed  and burned most of it to ash leaving some ruins but killing every villager in her wrath,She was a true assasain that day forward she was never the same again....


Her lair is quite hard to find in the Mountains of Traelfar Plains (same location as the battle against the Demonic Assault took place)but Tal has sworn to kill her if it was the last thing he ever did he didn't want the gold pieces he wanted her dead and her corpse burned to ash.The lair will be a Dungeon and she will be the Final Boss.

Sontail: Attack of the Demonic AssaultEdit

Not having a real appearance in the game she is mentioned by Tal when talking to Cranian he nearly ended up in tears when he said it.

The Legacy of SontailEdit

This is where she makes her True Appearance in a phew Quests.a phew Flashbacks and in the Dungeon where she reveals some of her past and her intentsions to shoot a poisoned arrow into Tal's heart,but Tal denies it saying this: "You can try! you will NOT kill me like you killed my parents!"