Garektora was the Demon darksmith who created Sword of Horrors and countless other weapons that are used today.


Garektora was born in the south of Drakanar during the early stages of the demon Civilization,his parents were killed when he was around three years old,and was sold into slavery under the command of a Darksmith called Warto who owned a scrap shop.Any parts that were not bought were used to teach Garektora in the ways of a Darksmith.Warto Also gambled alot,and once lost a bet on Garektora so he was taken away from Warto and into the ownership of a Demon called Garesta.He remained with Garesta until he was around eighteen years old and he won a race of freedom between five slaves.

Becoming a DarksmithEdit

Garektora began to become a Darksmith when he revisited an elderly Warto who helped him even more in the art of a Darksmith.