The human will be one of the four main races on The Legacy of Sontail base game,(the other three being:Dwarf,Elf and Reptillian)The start zone for a human will be in the southern east corner of the map.One of the best weapons for a human will be a sword.The place where a human starts will be a training ground after being recruited from their village and as they do more quests they get new armour over time.

Disastrous returnEdit

After all the quests are completed the player will be be taken to their village only to find it in flames and everyone in it dead,After that it is up to the player to decide if they will make their charactr go into an undying frenzy or on the other hand hunt down whoever destroyed their village.

Undying FrenzyEdit

If the player chooses this path whoever he/she thinks was responsible for destroying the village may challenge some NPC's (not all) to a battle to the death.It is really trolls that attacked the village and if you have the read The legacy of Sontail that should ring a bell.

Hunting down who destroyed their villageEdit

If you choose this path you will be sent to King Magerion and he will say that the trolls have been attacking the city and they did it when he was seventeen in the swamplands and now they had took it too far and he would assist the player.