King Magerion Ragion is the king of the humans in Sontail and the second in command of  The Three Leaders.He was also involved in vanquishing the Demonic Assault.


When Magerion was a child,he had great skill in Archery,Dagger throwing and forging.Even as prince,Magerion had much responsibility in reviving the human kingdom as three quaters of the empire had been wiped out after Troll savages had attacked the Ruined Fortress in the swamplands next to the Western Desert,Magerion's father was one of those who died.Around the age of twenty or twenty-one Magerion was crowned king of the Human Kingdom after he had founded the new kingdom of the humans in the corner of the world.

Twilight InfectionEdit

After Magerion had released that a strip of the northern-west corner of his kingdom had been corrupted,Magerion ordered a wall be built around their border before the whole Kingdom could be plunged into peril again.

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