Remains of the God sword

remains of the sword

The Sword of Gods (Also known as the God sword) is a Legendary Sword created by the gods that contained The God essence until its destruction during the war against the Demonic Assault when King Cranian Defeated the Leader of the Demonic Assault.


The Sword of Gods was the Mightiest of swords when the God essence was placed inside the Lower part of the blade(the only bit of the blade that was left after its destruction)and The Upper part was Sealed on the lower part of the blade and the black runes on the sword Glew up and the King of the Elves was gifted the sword to show He was the the most powerful being in Sontail and he was the first King of the Elves.


Most likely to myth the wielder of The Sword of Gods was supposedly to be a"god" but this is very unlikely for when King Cranian got the sword he was powerful but was no match for the gods despite the fact the sword contained the God essence.


During the War against the Demonic Assault on the Traelfar Plains the Sword came in handy and in the battle against Drakanian that was when it truly was the time to release the poweer of the God essence and in one of the last 2 strikes of the sword the first was to cut the side of Drakanian's face and the final strike ended the war by killing Drakanian but it came at a heavy price.The upper sword blade shattered and all that remained intact was the lower blade and handle.It is Unknown what happened to The God essence the two solutions were it was destroyed along with most of the upper blade or it went back to the Gods.


The sword has many powers that are from the god essence like shooting lighttning and at some point.


  • Fire beam: Shoot a beam from the blade and striking an enemy
  • Fire Strike: Sword blade bursts into flames igniting any Evil being it touches.
  • Fire Beam:Blasts a Fire beam at the selected target.

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