The Sword of Horrors was a demonic sword owned by Drakanian before its destruction in Sontail.


The Sword of Horrors was created in the heart of Drakanar, homeworld of the Demons (True Name,if any,unknown) by a legendary Darksmith,Garektora a distant parental ancestor of Drakanian,after some assistance with the Darkshield Necromancers the sword was enchanted with Dark Magic and could come to life on command.


  • Strangulate:The blade comes to life an Stangles the victim to death.
  • Transformation: The Blade begins to hit the victim like a whip if the blade touches the begins to become black over the next two days turning them into a Demonic Minion.
  • Death Scream: Causes the blade to scream making all of the people hear it die on impact.
  • Darkness Strike: The Blade does not come to life but glows black instead of purple causing extra damage
  • Death Beam:Shoots a black beam at the victim causing colossal damage
  • Wave of Darkness:The wielder puts up a shield and fires a wave of darkness forward to kill any victims
  • Rain of Darkness:Causes the sky to go black and rain massive black meteors


After being used in a vicious battle between Cranian Lightblade and Drakanian the Sword of Horrors was finally destroyed by the Sword of Gods with Drakanian not long being killed afterwards. The Remains were taken to Drakanar

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