Tal is to be a Main character in Sontail: Attack of the Demonic Assault and the multiplayer Sequal: The legacy of sontail.He has a fork lightning scar  beside his right eye, a red tunic with a purplish trim, crimson trousers, Dark brown boots and Long black hair.It is unknown how he got his scar maybe because he is a lightning wizard he has the fork lightning scar.
Tal's Scar


Tal is quite kind,Thoughtful but can be quite aggressive when questioning Enemies or Rebels for information and aggressive in battle and fights his Enemies and strikes fear into them when he shoots a power lightning beam, and when his scar glows blue when he does so.


Tal has black hair a fork lightning scar as shown above, Long black hair he has the top bit like a ponytail and has a braid on the left side of his hair,his robe is more like a tunic for it only covers the chest and arms and a bit of his legs and has a belt that makes it more like a tunic.his brown boots are comfortable and have a great grip in places like mountains were other boots might slip.His crimson trousers were threaded with the finest materials in that land.


Even though He is a wizard Tal does not rely on a staff or wand to cast spells he usually casts lightning spells to electricute his enemies his faviroute spell is called Lightning Discs. the way Lightning Discs work like this:Tal makes a blue disc in the centre were his hand is it is white and white lines come out of that white circle and then Tal has to throw it and electricutes his enemies

Attack of the Demonic AssaultEdit

Tal makes a major part in this game he is not saw at the beggining but when the elves and minotaurs join forces they go to a human city and they meet the King of Humans Magerion and Tal witnessed the meeting and the deal:if the humans helped the elves and minotaurs they will get rewarded 1000 gold pieces for helping them with the war against the demons and their Devilous Leader Drakanian.


Little is known about Tal's history because he dosen't talk about it much seeing as he is orphaned from when his parents were murdered while he was at Wizard Academy after his house was burned with the rest off his Town which only Aggrivated him so he set out to find whatever did this and destroy him/her and he still hunts them down to this day.